Physical Therapy

Our trainers work closely with on-site physical therapists to help clients bounce back from pain and injuries. The therapists boast a range of experience and knowledge to help both the weekend warrior as well as the everyday athlete.

Ahmed Soliman

Physical Therapist

Dr Ahmed earned his B.S. in Physical Therapy in 2005 and Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2014 from Dominican College in Rockland County, NY. 

Dr. Ahmed‘s therapeutic approach heavily emphasizes looking at each individual as a whole, a principle he believes is critical to successful injury prevention and rehabilitation. He has extensive experience rehabilitating athletes as well as desk workers and uses manual techniques and other modalities to diagnose and treat soft tissue and joint dysfunctions. 

Dr. Ahmed is passionate about health and fitness, and has been using his knowledge and experience in rehabilitation to win over the hearts of patients for the last 12 years. 

Eric Munoz

Physical Therapist

Dr. Eric Muñoz is a native New Yorker who began his career in the late 1990’s at New York Sport Club as a personal trainer, where he quickly rose through the ranks, helping people attain personal fitness and total body wellness. He then pursued a full-time career in private fitness training as he completed his post-graduate work and received a Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Touro College in 2010. He was honored with an Academic Excellence Award, as well as a Research Achievement Award in recognition of his exemplary performance in the program. During his clinical education, Dr. Muñoz experienced a variety of settings, including Bellevue Hospital inpatient rehabilitation, Mount Sinai inpatient neurological rehabilitation, and various manually focused outpatient physical therapy clinics in New York City.

Dr. Munoz is a life-long student of his craft and has worked to better his practice by continuously learning and implementing the latest in evidence-based techniques and methods. He now combines his fitness expertise along with his extensive clinical knowledge to effectively optimize the health of his patients. His eclectic treatment approach combines a thorough musculoskeletal assessment followed by various manual techniques, patient-specific therapeutic exercise, and constant patient education.

Dr. Muñoz lives an active life, engaging in a variety of practices, including strength training, kettlebells, yoga, Pilates, and most recently Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at Renzo Gracie Academy. His personal belief is that physical activity is a large component of maintaining long-term health and wellness. He is passionate about guiding his patients and is committed to educating them on the importance of sustaining an active lifestyle.