Small group training is all the rage now because they are a perfect marriage between the accessibility of group classes and the quality of one-on-one training. Klinic instructors bring passion and expertise to challenge your body and educate your mind. Klinics have no more than four students per class, and follow a unique structure that goes in six-week phases. Upon graduating the beginner phase, the student can freely move on to the intermediate phase and eventually, the advanced phase. The goal of each klinic is to have fun and get sweaty, while learning something new in the process. You will always have the same klinic-mates for the full six weeks, so you will experience the familiarity of the same faces and build camaraderie. Klinic classes are a full hour, once a week.

Combat Core

A fusion of gymnastic, wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu inspired moves to effectively challenge and strengthen the core and hips. Students will learn how to control the abdominal muscles in dynamic ways while learning the real-life applicability of these movements. This course uses nothing but a mat and your own body weight.* Pairs wonderfully with our Kickboxing Klinic!

*BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) Optional

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Kettlebell Foundations

This course is designed to provide students an intense, total-body workout while teaching the fundamentals in kettlebell-oriented movements, from swings to snatches. It is great for everyone from newbies to seasoned exercise enthusiasts, and our colorful vinyl coated kettlebells are sure to brighten your mood as you sweat through your kettlebell education. Get your swing on!

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We believe there’s nothing worse than hapless, flailing limbs in a kickboxing class. We designed this course to teach you how to go from flailing to fierce; to use the natural biomechanics of your body to throw effective strikes. Kickboxing builds coordination, endurance and is a great stress reliever. Students will learn effective punches, elbows, kicks, knees, and even spinning techniques! Are you in?

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