Mental Health

Although NYPT does not currently offer mental health services, we have a great relationship with Dr. Sarah Bren of Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Bren specializes in cognitive behavior therapy, disordered eating, and breaking through mental barriers. Her work will focus on identifying specific goals and stumbling blocks, building skills to help overcome obstacles, and developing mindfulness and a greater understanding of how to generate positive change.

Dr. Sarah Bren, PhD
Phone: 212-844-1548


Sometimes, it’s just easier to not have to think about what to cook for dinner. This is especially true for people with busy schedules, food allergies, and weight loss goals. For helping to keep life simple, we recommend RealPlans, a low-cost meal planning subscription service that allows you to customize recipes to meet your specific dietary needs. Note: It is NOT a meal delivery service.

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Every trainer and body work professional knows the importance of a good foam roller. At NYPT, we fell in love with the IntelliRoll! With its curved valleys for larger muscles and ridged midline for working along the spine, it’s quite frankly the perfect foam roller!

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